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Get Your Content on Apple News: 5 Easy Steps for Publishers

If you’re a publisher and you’re not on Apple News, you’re missing a massive opportunity to connect with new readers, grow your brand, and ultimately boost your bottom line. It’s the default news app on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac, giving you a direct line to millions of potential readers.

What Exactly is Apple News?

Apple News is a news aggregator app that gathers stories from various sources, such as newspapers, magazines and online publications. It then presents these stories in a sleek personalized newsfeed on all Apple devices.

Unlike other platforms, actual human editors curate the news, ensuring quality and relevance. Plus, there’s Apple News+, a premium subscription service that gives readers access to hundreds of magazines, and newspapers, and interactive puzzles. That’s where things get really interesting for publishers like you.

The Benefits for Publishers

We’ve seen firsthand how our clients have tapped into the goldmine of opportunities Apple News presents, transforming their reach, revenue, and reader engagement. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits you too could unlock:

Reach millions of new readers

Expand your audience beyond your usual channels and reach people you’d never otherwise connect with.

Monetize your content

Apple News offers a wealth of advertising and revenue-sharing opportunities, from direct-sold ads to backfill and pooled options. To help you navigate them all, we’ve created a detailed guide, Ways to Maximize Your Revenue in Apple News.

Drive affiliate revenue

Increase the visibility of your affiliate links to a wider audience.

Promote your e-commerce store

Include links or widgets to drive traffic to your online shop.

Gain valuable audience insights

Get detailed analytics on how readers engage with your content.

Grow your subscriber base

Convert new readers into loyal subscribers for your publication or newsletter.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started on Apple News

1. Create an Apple ID

This is your key to accessing the News Publisher portal.

2. Sign up for News Publisher

Head to the Apple News Feedback page and request an outreach from the publisher development team.

3. Submit your application

Provide information about your publication (content type, audience, etc.).

4. Await approval

Apple will review your application and let you know their decision.

5. Prepare your content

While you’re waiting for approval, start thinking about how to make the most of Apple News’ unique features. Remember, most of your readers will be on their phones, so simply uploading PDFs won’t cut it, and you’ll miss out on the real power of Apple News.

Take the time to ensure your digital content matches the quality of your print version. Then, consider incorporating elements like video, audio, social links, and subscription options to create a more engaging and interactive experience for new readers.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide packed with tips on how to transform your content for Apple News.

Apple News is a powerful tool for publishers ready to expand their reach. With a built-in audience of millions, it’s your chance to connect with new readers, share your stories, and build a loyal following. The possibilities are endless – start exploring them today!

Need a hand navigating the world of Apple News? As an Apple News Preferred Provider with experience working on 175+ publications, we’ve got the expertise to guide you through the entire process, from initial setup to content optimization. Get in touch and let’s unlock the full potential of Apple News for your publication.