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Maximizing Revenue: Monetization Opportunities Within Apple News+

If you’re a publisher looking to boost your revenue and expand your readership, Apple News+ is the platform for you. However, it’s not as simple as uploading your content and watching the money pour in (we wish!). But it’s also not an overly complex process. It’s all about knowing where the opportunities lie.

As an Apple News Preferred Provider, we’ve got a solid handle on these opportunities and how to maximize your earnings. 

So, whether you’re already publishing on Apple News or just getting started, this article will provide practical insights to supercharge your publishing efforts.

Direct Revenue

Stand out with quality content

In Apple News+, quality is the key driver of engagement. Apple’s editorial team curates content, which means well-designed and captivating articles are more likely to be featured. So, you need to invest in creating visually stunning content to stand out and attract the attention of Apple’s editors.

Feature Article Enhancements

Apple News+ has many special features and ways to enhance your articles. You can use effects like parallax motion and fly-in text and include videos or GIFs for the article background. Creating a thumb-stopping, engaging article with these features will not only grab readers’ attention but also catch the eye of Apple’s editorial team.

Image Editing

Optimize your images for Apple News. Consider removing backgrounds, resizing to fit the platform’s dimensions and color-correcting for light and dark modes. If you haven’t already, check out this article on getting the most out of photography and graphics in Apple News for more detail.

Image Treatments

Present your images using tastefully cropped and laid-out mosaics, galleries or vertical collections.

Maximize dwell time

Dwell time is crucial for generating revenue on Apple News+. Make sure your articles are visually appealing so readers enjoy consuming your content. Focus on capturing and retaining their attention, encouraging them to linger. More dwell time equals a higher amount of subscription revenue coming your way. 

Break Up Long-Form Text

Rather than overwhelming your audience with large blocks of text, strategically insert imagery, pull quotes, charts and graphs, sub-articles and audio video embeds to break up the content. This will encourage readers to consume content in small, digestible sections and will (you guessed it) lead to longer dwell times.

Custom Media Units

  • Embedded video: direct embedded Apple video player or embed streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and JW Player
  • Embedded audio: direct embedded Apple audio player or embedded Apple Music and Apple Podcast widgets
  • Dynamic Apple Maps viewer
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media viewers
  • In article animations
  • Sliders: horizontal or vertical charts that slide to within a static article.  Good for timelines, data tables and product or content comparisons

Internal links

Include internal links within your articles to direct readers to related content you’ve published. Not only does this enhance user experience, but it also extends the time readers spend on your content, increasing your Apple News+ revenue.

Be more visible

Just like with images, you need to optimize your headlines. Craft SEO-friendly headlines specifically for Apple News to boost content visibility in searches and attract more readers.

Create a buzz

Create custom table of contents and marketing index pages for Apple News. Utilize beautiful images and teaser content to motivate Apple News’ unpaid readers to explore your paid content on Apple News+.

Target specialized audiences

Repurpose one-off printed magazines from the newsstand to create special interest publications and commemoratives for Apple News+. 

Drive Audience Monetization

Introduce Print Subscriptions

Leverage the global reach of Apple News to upsell subscriptions in markets that otherwise might not have access to your print content.

Promote Newsletters

Encourage readers to sign up for newsletters through your Apple News articles.

Embed Social Channels

Promote your social media accounts to expand your online presence and engagement on those channels. 

Upgrade Print Ads

Bring your print ads to life by transforming them into live links within Apple News+. Interactive ads offer opportunities for additional conversions and revenue. 

Affiliate Linking

Develop new affiliate revenue for your legacy print publications by creating affiliate links and ‘Buy Now’ buttons.

Apple News is a new and unique publishing platform, so the old rules don’t apply.  If you only publish your content into basic ANF templates, you’re missing out on capitalizing on all of the opportunities that Apple News+ has to offer. With a small investment, your content can be introduced to a global audience, driving new revenue and audience opportunities.

As an Apple News Preferred Provider with experience working on 175+ publications across North America, the UK and Australia, we’re here to help.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Apple News+ and boost your revenue? Contact us to explore personalized strategies and get started on maximizing your earnings.